Non-digital SME's will be extinct by 2021

Learn how to survive from a top Filipino technopreneur! As the modern era is transitioning to becoming digital, businesses need to find the right ways to adapt.

Joey Gurango

Business Technology Coach

Over 30 years of IT industry experience

Worked with Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Programmer for version 1.0 of Excel

The SERVIO Digital Maturity Model (DMM) is both a framework and a roadmap for Digital Transformation that was developed for growing businesses.

SERVIO Digital Maturity Model™

Digital Transformation: Holistic view of how successful SMEs kill the digital game

We developed DMM based on our observations of, and working experiences with, hundreds of SME owners and managers who attempted to implement technology solutions into their businesses.


Most of those attempts ended up in failure. SERVIO Technologies utilizes DMM in developing affordable technology solutions and tools that have accelerated the digital transformation of many Filipino companies.

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